St. Pete Beach, Florida

Wedding, St. Pete Beach
Photo by Phil DeGeorge/Flickr

St. Pete Beach, Florida was voted 2012's #1 USA beach and #5 world beach in Travelers' Choice ratings. The barrier island is also home to the historic district of Pass-a-Grille, which was voted #15 among USA beaches, and is featured as one of our Secret Beaches.

Just south of St. Pete Beach is the award winning Fort De Soto Park, which was rated the #1 USA beach in 2005, and was voted the #4 beach in 2013.

Besides award winning and historic beaches, St. Pete Beach is also home of the historic Don CeSar resort, which was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The towering pink palace can be seen from much of the St. Pete Beach shoreline, and is a unique island landmark.

St. Pete Beach


St. Pete Beach Access: Information about parking and amenities.

St. Pete Beach Recreation Department: Information about recreational programs and facilities, including wedding rental.

Heritage Village: A museum village in historic Pass-a-Grille.

Wikipedia: Information about St. Pete Beach.

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