Pass-a-Grille, Florida

Cabanas Pass-a-Grille
Photo by Robert Neff/Flickr

Pass-a-Grille, Florida was voted #15 among USA beaches and rated the #2 St. Pete Beach attraction by for 2013. We also have Pass-a-Grille listed as one of our Secret Beaches it's one of the unknown gems of Florida's coast.

Located at the southern end of St. Pete Beach, this U.S. historic district contains hundreds of historic buildings and has the charm of a historic, laid-back Florida beach community.

Featured in magazine articles as a cozy historic beach community and a great place to unwind, Pass-a-Grille offers convenient parking and easy access to the beach. You'll also enjoy the local restaurants, hotels, shops, and fishing.

Driving Around Pass-A-Grille


Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida: The official visitor's site.

Wikipedia: Information about the Pass-a-Grille Historic District.

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